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APPLICATIONS for I AM SHE 2012 pageant are open till May 21
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I AM SHE 2012 : Miss India for Miss Universe

I AM SHE 2012 : Miss India for Miss Universe
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


They are awkward, fidgety, and amateurish but know how to walk the walk and talk the talk. The 23 contestants of the Pantaloons Femina Miss India 2010 - East are a better and brighter batch than last year, who looked ready to breast the competition ahead with big smiles and big attitude.


Marc Robinson, fashion and contestant director and June Maliah, actress, were present at ITC, The Sonar yesterday to introduce the girls to the media. “The girls this time are more groomed and smarter than what we saw last year. This year the contest will be bigger with more surprises,” they said.

Stilettos and cocktail dresses made a flourish as the excited girls mimicked the cat in style on the ramp. A model-participant revealed, “We had to do our own makeup today. Last night at 1.30 am we were asked to bring in our makeup kits.”

So how have the girls prepared themselves for the Miss India contest? “We care for our body, we go gymming. We have stopped eating chocolates and that is the toughest part,” they echoed.

“I have stopped having Chinese food and having only steamed food. No night outs for me too,” said another.

Former winners and actresses at present, Sushmita Sen, Lara Dutta and Priyanka Chopra are the favourites of the girls.

When asked how they are going to cope with all the pressure and the gossip, they said, “We have faith in ourselves. There is no use comparing yourselves because we are all different individuals. We are confident about ourselves.”

And why not? From business administration, food and nutrition, cost accounting, to political science, chemistry honours and applied psychology, the girls are up the mark academically as well.

Some of the regulars at the Kolkata modelling circuit contesting this year are Pallabi, Ananya and Tiffany. The latter said, “There is a lot to learn from here. Everyone has come with their own special package. Only the results will tell who the best is.”

Compared to the rest of the contestants, Ananya who looked nicely voluptuous said that she was going to slog it out to loose that extra flab if she got into the next round. “I was selected from the Kolkata Fashion Week. Being a model helps as it prepares you in totality. I will survive this contest by keeping my distance from everybody. I will occupy myself with a book and not indulge in back-biting,” she smiled.


The show missed one of the contestants, Ushoshi Sengupta, whose luck turned sour when her face broke out into pimples. She was not allowed to participate as the organising committee saw it as measles. “I am so sad. I was doing back-to-back shows and on Sunday was up till 2 am for a shoot. I was feeling feverish and all that makeup led to the bad case of pimples. I have got a doctor’s certificate also and hope that this will subside in a day or two. I really, really want to participate,” she said over the phone.

The 23 contestants will be further short listed who will go undergo a training programme at ITC, The Sonar for nine days with experts from Mumbai.

The grand finale will take place on February 19 at Nicco Park.



  1. hi....
    this is very shocking as i knw ushoshi very well and i knw she is a clear winner she has immense potential and is a great model.....she has walked for chennnai international and kolkata fashion weeks......she was the face of kolkata fashion week and also the winner of tilottama where she won 3 sub contest also(highest in d show).....she was also a finalist for zoom safi face.......she is a regular model in kolkata and works almost everyday.......she has submited a medical certificate which says its not measles.....her face broke out into major allergy from sum medicines she was taking for getting her skin clear.....and also due to stress....last year tulip bhattacharya also missed ths audition bcoz she was very unwell.....i think if the team gave tulip one chance they can also consider ushoshi ,as she is a gr8 model..........

    all i want to say is we all should start a blog and definetly help her cum out of ths.......the whole city is rooting 4 her......all d best.....

  2. one more thing ppl who couldnt make it at the auditions wer given a 2nd chance ushoshi definetly desreves a chance than..........

  3. The last photo is of Vijaya and not of Ushoshi

  4. y there is no mongoloid looking North east Indians..still Indians are so racist, tum logon ko lagta hai ki Bihari wale shakal jyada khoobsurat hai, come out of this dude, wen world can select, black, mongoloid , hispanic miss worlds and universe, India is still pathetic in selection process. Y... Is Mongoloid race so inferior? Shme on u guys..its shame...every time NE Indians are let down!

  5. ananya is just 5'3'..hw cm she is participating in miss india??

  6. well sandy to tell you i m afraid to know that you commented on a model like Ushoshi as a clear winner.In which angle did Ushoshi made you look to b a deserving candidate for miss india?? Neither she has height,nor a good skin, overall she is ugly with hippo thighs.Well medical certificate can be bought at any price and by the way her face is always covered with pimples through out the year.Moreover Tulip was given a chance as she deserves it but no way for Ushoshi..Better she represent herself to you rather than representing India as you deserve to be her "GODFATHER"...

  7. tiffany is the clear winner .. prettiest and most intelligent

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